Summer Skin Care

Hello loves,

So I have been away a while,  you all know sometimes life just has a way of playing on us and we can not change that.been through a lot lately but whats important is I do not let the happenings in life drown me I’ve learned how to dust my self up and move on like nothing ever happened after all so long as there’s life there’s hope.

With that said would love to share with you all some skincare favorites for this summer especially here in Dubai with the heat and almost unbearable weather condition one has to be very particular about the products one uses. So I came across this exfoliation facial scrub ad it has been a lifesaver and it does not leave your dry after use, it cleanses the skin perfectly cleaning out clogged pores leaving your skin clean and refreshed perfectlyIMG_9903[1] for the harsh summer weather.

The next product is still an exfoliating scrub but for the entire body, I have used many exfoliation body scrubs and I do have a few which has worked perfectly for my skin but I decided to share this particular one cause I was a bit skeptical about it from the start since it was awfully cheap though everyone does love a great cut on prices the price tag on this pushed me to think it might actually not be a great product and might cause issues for me but surprisingly it tiurned out to be just wht my skin needed for this summer weather.

It leaves your skin feeling baby soft and smooth after use and it does cleanse like magic I could never have wished for a better option .more so I do not have to worry about my skin drying out.




A combination of these two products I can confidently say my skin is ready for the Dubai summer heat lol. The prices are quite affordable the St. Moritz apricot facial scrub at 25aed and Papaya spa salt at 5aed.

With this products, I hope your body will smile and be summer ready.



Top 5 Female Cameroonian Artists .

No one can talk about top Cameroonian female artists without mentioning the likes of this ladies.I can conveniently with no doubt what so ever say that they have and are still playing a great rule in putting Cameroonian music on the map and equally have inspired so many yet undiscovered female artists to take the bull by the horn and pursue their careers against all odds.


Known by the name real names Efundem Njie born in Buea southwest region the of Cameroon September 1989 but grew up in the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala.Her music inspirations drawn from her mother, God and incredible love for her culture, and experiences.Many say she is an outstanding role model for young girls judging from the fact that she stays true to her African roots and does not try emulating the western world.Daphne has been nominated many times for Cameroonian and continental award show such as AFRIMA and KORA awards. Can’t wait to see what Daphne has got to offer us as the future unfolds.


Bailly Larinette Tatah was born on the 8th of August and hails from Baganté a trib in the west of Cameroon .she left Cameroon and stayed abroad precisely France before making her debut into music in 2015 with her little personal touch she added on to Locko one of Cameroonian top music artists songs titled Sawa romance she immediately started gaining recognition and the interest of the general public and music executives and later released her first single Cam we stay which portrays her a strong feminist who supports women empowerment. From then on she has and is still one of the hottest things in Cameroon and africa in general and there’s no way one can talk about Blanche without mentioning what a banging body she has, fully endowed as most African men will put it lol .though many say she isn’t a great role model for young girls cause of the fact that she intentionally bleached her skin and also dressing provocatively and lots more ,my question will be do a parent give birth to her child with the expectation of letting others train them??? Give your child a great upbringing and do not fear peer pressure or the society changing that child because moral values well imputed to a child can not be changed stop holding artists, actresses and lots more responsible for your failure in raising up your children in the way you wanted them to be .Anyways can’t wait to see more surprises from this Afro-pop singer.


Ngala-ndo Achuembom Amabo an Afropop soul singer born on March 18th, 1991 in Douala Cameroon but hails originally from the north west of Cameroon .she made her way into the Cameroon music world in 2013 with her single kaki Mbere which placed her on the map and she became popular nationwide and Africa as a whole which led to her 2014 AFRIMA award in Dallas Texas for best female artist .

Gasha has collaborated with so many powerful artists amongst which are the likes of Eddy Kenzo, Stanley Enow Magasco, Nabil and lots more.

She has been bashed many times for having an irresponsible lifestyle consuming hard drugs amongst other stuff .but those this stop Gasha for being here and still doing her thing?? Definitely, nope she still puts her head high and does what she is good at and that’s is one reason why I love me some gasha


Jennifer Ewube otherwise known as Ewube to the public was born on May 31st, 1991, she hails from Mamfe the south-west region of Cameroon. Ewube is also a graduate of the University of Buea Cameroon.

She has collaborated with so many top artists such as locko , rude bwoi amongst others and equally been nominated for the AFRIMA awards.

Ewube is a great dancer coupled with her great vocals and simple personality


Melanie ngoga was born in Douala Cameroon and currently a student of the University of Douala. She started out doing covers of songs, featuring in music videos and performing in school festivities, she got herself into the music industry in 2013 with her single dance fi you and has since then been on the lips of every single Cameroonian.

She has collaborated with artists such as locko ,magasco,minks amongst others .she is a beauty and a talent to behold we can’t wait to see what more she has to offer.

All these ladies have done and are still doing a lot in promoting Cameroon music, there are lots more and I wish Cameroonians worldwide would do more to support their own .which of this ladies are your favorite let me know in the little comment box down below.

Love ❤️


Before You Think So Little Of Yourself,Read This ;


Many at times we spend time thinking so little of ourselves, giving our selves less worth than we really deserve whilst we put so much energy and time being envious of others’ physical looks or achievements which totally breaks my heart.One thing is certain there can only be one YOU in the world and no one can ever be YOU.

Instead of saying to yourself I’m not good at anything, I cannot be any good; try thinking what is it I’m missing? what I’m I not doing right?

Instead of saying I give up, I cannot take the challenges of life anymore; ask yourself I’m I on the right right track? if not how can I redirect my life and correct my mistakes?

Instead of looking at another person and saying he/she is better than you on every any level in life; why not put more efforts in figuring out how they do what they do and improve in yourself?

Instead of lamenting on a mistake you made, say to yourself mistakes help me learn better and utilize every single one you make to get the best out of yourself

One thing is sure life is not a race and we all cannot walk at the same pace .you are uniquely you only one of you in the whole wide world to take advantage of that and use it to your to the fullest.

Hope this inspires someone somewhere to be happy and complete human irrespective of anything.






Hey royalties👑,

It was a night out with my girls and we hit White night club Dubai and I thought nothing else could be the perfect fit for a night out like this than this pleasant,sexy and classy green sequence dress and I thought to share it with you all fashion lovers.

What I love about this dress is how perfect it hugs my tiny little self and has just about enough cleavage.

I feel like I kept heads turning through the night 🤣🙈 and the night club lights just merged perfectly with it. I paired it with this pointy buckle up lemon green shoes and yass a girl had never felt confident and beautiful like I felt wearing this dress.

Please let me know what you all think of this out fit by joining the little chat in the comment section below.

Love ❤️

Queenirole 👸

Cause it’s always summer in Dubai 😜

Hello royalties 👑

It was a beach day and I visited kite beach here in Dubai and I just decided to go in this simple yet chic little denim jumpsuit .just a little effort put into styling basic clothing can turn them into one eye turner kind of outfit .

I styled up my jean jumpsuit with a high neck sleeveless top,a cute hat ,a flat pair of sandals,a back pack and the cute sunglasses

This allows me flaunt my cute little legs and also gives a fun and appealing look.

No matter what I put on my body I never forget to wear that confident look that’s what makes you even more appealing .



Been a little confused on how to style up your denim jeans??below are some simple style ideas,leave your comments let me know which is your favorite


I paired this cute little jumpsuit with a regalar pair of sunglasses i got from a random shop and the black detailed top which is a perfect outfit for either just running your daily errands or just hanging out with friends.


Want to look sexy and classy with less efforts this outfit is the perfect option for you and can equally be worn with a pair of stilettos.this actually gave me the 90’s kind of vibe  and yes it’s one of my favorites.


Ratchet jeans paired with a cute little pair of sneakers,a face cap,a top and some bomb pair of sunglasses will do you well hanging with your friends for a fun filled day with less stress running around .what stands out about this look is the fact that almost everything except for the sunglasses and jeans were all purchased by me from a thrift store for less than 5$ per item.


Want to hit that night club or meet up with friends,family etc for dinner date ?? this look is definitely the go to for you.paired it with;

-orange pair of stilettos

-denim jeans with a touch of spikes

-a hat

-a lace detailed see through top with a white collar .

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